Indochina, Heroes of Aviation “Overprinted with new values”, February 10th, 1944, Michel Nr. IND 330-331; Since postage for a 10g letter kept going up the 6C stamps were overprinted with a new 10C nominal but the surcharge of 2C was left unchanged. Like all stamps with surcharges these stamps were not very popular with the general public. As a result postally used specimen or postal history featuring these stamps are rare.

Here is the mint set in blocks of four.

Cancelled to order blocks of four.

Postally used set.

Single franking of the Roan Garros stamp on a domestic letter sent from Dalat to Hanoi in April of 1944. French language Daguin type cancel on front. Hanoi arrival cancel on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the 4C Governors stamp together with stamps from the Domestic Scenes II and Heroes of Aviation sets paying an overall postage of 1.89P on an international air mail letter sent from Saigon to France.

Registration Nr. 090460

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