South Vietnam, For War Invalids, December 21st, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN 90; A single stamp was issued with a 3.30P nominal plus a surcharge of 1.70P (Q:500,000) and in perforation 13:12.5. Due to the hefty surcharge the stamp was  not very popular with the general public. It was mostly used on philatelic mailings such as First Day Covers and so it is very rare on postally used commercial covers. The stamp was also issued in booklet form with four stamps to each booklet.

Here is the mint stamp

and here the postally used stamp

A very small number of Enpreuve de Luxe imperforate sheetlets, also called “Minister Blocks” were produced on light carton paper which had imperforate samples of the stamps attached and were handed out or sent to very important people of other countries. These early sheetlets are very rare and seldom come to market. Most of them ended up in the postal archives of foreign postal administrations. They are not comparable to Enpreuve de Luxe issued later primarily for the benefit of collectors. Note the dry seal of the Vietnamese postal administration. It is covered by a glued on glassine with a message from the Postal and Telecommunication Ministry.

Rare single franking of the 3.30P stamp on a postally mailed surface First Day Cover send from Buu Hoa to France on December 21st, 1952. Red FDV cachet on front.

Multiple franking of the stamp (2) paying an overall postage of 6.60P on an international air mail letter sent on the First Day of Issuance from Buu Hoa to Algeria. Algeria was a rare destination at the time. Special red first day cachet on front.

Mixed franking of the 35P Refugee stamp (overprinted) together with the 3.30P War Invalid and 35P Brotherhood stamp paying an overall postage of 73.30P on an international air mail letter sent from Saigon to Hong Kong in December of 1974.

Mixed franking of the entire Election of Ngô Đình Diệm set together with stamps from the Ngô Đình Diệm, National Assembly, Independence and War Invalid sets paying an overall postage of 26D on a registered international air mail letter sent from Vinh Long to France in April of 1958. French arrival cancel on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 200080

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