North Vietnam, Wild Animals, Hue 2nd, 1964, Michel Nr. 319-324; Six stamps in the nominals of 12 xu (three stamps), 20 xu, 30 xu and 40 xu were issued. The stamps were released perforated (11.0) and im-perforated.

Here is the mint perforated set:

This is the mint im-perforated set with uniform selvage attached.

Rare single franking of the 12xu Animal value on a letter sent by a former Vietnamese worker in East Germany from Hanoi in March of 1970 to his guest family in East Germany (full contents preserved).

Another rare single franking of one of the 12xu values on a letter (full contents preserved) sent to East Germany on New Years Day 1970.

Mixed ranking with animal set stamps on an air mail letter to East Germany paying 66xu which was well above the required tariff of 12xu for a standard 20g letter.

Another air mail letter from the same correspondence with a mixed franking of the animal set paying 76xu, again, well above the requited 12xu tariff.

Very rare registered letter sent to Klewitz in August of 1964. It features the entire im-perforated set of the wild animals series. Im-perforated stamps on postally used covers are very rare!. The overall franking amounts to 1.26 Dong which was most likely a bit excessive as the standard letter rate to West Germany was 50 xu plus the international registration fee of 60 xu would have required 1.1o Dong only. Of course the letter may have been a bit heaver than the standard 20 grams.

Mixed franking of the 40xu Animal set value together with the 6xu Anniversary of the Revolution stamp paying a 46xu postage.

Mixed franking of the 30xu GANEFO stamp together with the 40xu Wild Animal stamp and 3xu Fruits stamp for an overall postage of 73xu on a letter to Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland was a pretty rarer destination in the 1960’s.

Mixed franking of the 12xu Animal stamp plus a 12xu Peoples Army stamp for an overall postage of 32xu. The letter was mailed in 1965 which meant that the standard letter rate to East Germany was only 12xu. So this letter was likely heavier than the standard 20g.

Colorful mixed currency franking of the 1,000D Handicraft stamp (that was devalued 1,000:1 on March 1st, 1959 and hence only worth 1D at the time of mailing) with other NVN stamps (including the 40xu Wild Animal stamp) for an overall postage of  2.36D on a rare registered letter to Czechoslovakia mailed in December of 1964.

Registration Nr. 100930

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