Indochina, National Donation, August 1st, 1942, Michel Nr. IND 288-289; Two stamps with nominals of 6C plus 2C surcharge and 15C plus 5C surcharge were issued without gum in perforation 11.5. The repeated effort by the postal administration to add surcharges to stamps for societal or charitable aims demonstrates the tight fiscal conditions that existed during the war. Because of the surcharge the stamps were not popular with the general population and postally used specimens or postal history with them are rare.

Here are the mint stamps in blocks of four

Cancelled to order blocks of four.

Postally used pairs of the set.

Set cancelled with First Day Cancel.

Rare single franking of the 6C stamp paying the domestic letter tariff of 10g on a letter sent within the city of Hanoi. The letter was collect by Jaques Dessrousseaux, the well known philatelist as he was the inspector of the local mines.  Various Hanoi arrival cancels on the reverse. Dagauin cancel in French on front. Ex Dessrouseaux.

Mixed franking of the 6C National Donation stamp together with the 4C Pavie stamp paying the 10C domestic letter rate for 20g sent on September, 1942. The letter was sent from Hai Phong to Hanoi and then collected by Jacques Dessrousseaux , who was the inspector of the local mines. Hai-Phong transit and Hanoi arrival cancel on the reverse. Daguin cancel in French on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 090380

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