North Vietnam, The Councils of Nghe An and Ha Tinh, September 12th, 1965, Michel Nr. 397-398; Two stamps were issued in the nominals of 10 xu and 12 xu perforated 11.0. Due to lack of single franking postal history it is not clear what the intention was for the 10 xu value (inland postcards only cost 6 xu), so, it may simply be an extension value.

Mint blocks of four:

These stamps were not officially released imperforate but a very small number of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Here is a specimen that is printed on both sides of a light carton that had already previously been printed on. Both sides are shown.

Air mail letter mailed in March of 1970 to the Socialist Worker Youth in Hamburg, Germany. It is franked with the 10xu Nghe An stamp plus the 1D Nguyen Du for an overall postage of 1.1D.

Mixed franking of the 8xu Lenin stamp together with the 10xu Nghe An and 1D Woschod stamp for an overall postage of 1.18D. The letter was routed from Hanoi to Paris, France and mailed in 1966.

Letter mailed to Theo Klewitz in October of 1965 featuring the set. The overall franking amount to 64 xu which is in excess of the required standard letter rate to West Germany of 50 xu.

Rare single franking of the 12xu value on a letter to Leipzig, East Germany paying the correct tariff in force at the time.

Late usage of the set on a express mail letter to Klewitz in September of 1974. At 3.34 Dong the letter is most likely over-franked. A standard registered express mail letter only required 1.60 Dong. Nevertheless, rare postal usage of the high 3 Dong value from 1961.

Rare express mail letter featuring the the 10 xu stamp on a letter to Klewitz in January of 1968. The overall postage amounted to 1.10 Dong which was slightly above the required standard express mail letter toWest Germany (1.00 Dong). Fulda arrival cancel o the reverse.

Mixed franking of the green 40xu Aircraft Shot Down value together with three of the 10xu Nghe An stamps for an overall postage of 70xu on a letter to Hamburg, West Germany.

Letter from Xunhasaba, that likely contained a stamp shipment, from December of 1965. Franked with a single 1D Woschod Space stamp plus the 10xu Nghe An stamp for an overall postage of 1.10D.

Rare printed matter mailing sent by the National Mineral Import and Export Company to Merck, the pharmaceutical company in West Germany. It carried the 1D value plus a 10xu stamp from the Nghe An series. The envelope must have been pretty heavy to warrant the 1.10D in postage.

Registration Nr. 101170

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