Indochina, Temple Sculpture Postage Due Stamps overprinted with new Values, 1919, Michel Nr. IND P18-30; After the French Franc currency was replaced by the Piastre currency the Temple Sculpture I stamps were overprinted with new values in Piastres as follows: 4/5 Cent on 2C, 1 3/5C on 4C, 2C on 5C, 4C on 10C, 6C on 15C, 8C on 20C, 12C on 30C, 16C on 40C, 20C on 50C, 24C on 60C, 40C on 1Fr, 80C on 2Fr and 2P on 5 Fr.

Here is a mint never hinged block of four 8c on 20C brown that shows a significant shift of the overprint to the left.

Registration Nr. 090660

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