4th Congress of the Communist Party Vietnam, December 10th, 1976, Michel Nr. 880-881; Two stamps both in a 12xu nominal were issued in perforation 11.0.

Here is the mint set that shows a double impression of the black color. This was caused by the rubber mat in the printing process being too lose which caused the mat to vibrate.

Another printing error that has been observed shows the number “IV” on the left stamp in yellow instead of white.

Detailed scan of the affected area

Here is a much rarer error set on which the entire black printing process is missing. Only the grey color is visible resulting in the top imprint “Dao Hoi” missing entirely. The other inscription only shows up in the grey.

Rare single franking of the 12xu value on a local letter sent from Chauthnh (small post office) to HCM City in September of 1978. Ben Tre transit and HCM City arrival cancels on the reverse.

Another rare single franking of the other 12xu value on a local letter sent from Viet Yen (small post office) to Ha Son Binh in May of 1977.

Single franking of the 12 xu value on a domestic air mail letter sent by a member of the military (Note the Hoc Thu Nr. in the sender line) to a civilian in HCM City in January of 1978. Cancelled by the “mute” Buu Dien military cancel. The mute cancel was previously used only in South Vietnam. This represents the first NVN stamp cancelled with this type of cancel after the war.

Rare mixed franking on a local letter (full content preserved) sent from Long Xuyen (small post office) to Gia-Dinh in January of 1977 paying an 18xu postage.

Mixed franking of the stamp set together with the12 xu Final Victory stamp paying an overall postage of 48 xu. The required postage was actually 50 xu at the time and so the letter received a boxed “T” hand stamp assessing a 4 xu additional postage that was to be collected upon receipt (2 xu missing postage plus 2 xu penalty). The letter was sent from HCM City to France in January of 1977.

Mixed franking of the set on an international air mail letter sent from Hie to Denmark in May of 1977.

Mixed franking of three of the 12xu National Assembly stamps together with the Communist Party set plus two 1D Air Defense stamps paying an an overall postage of 2.60D on an air-mail letter sent to Paris, France.

Registration Nr. 102490

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