National Liberation Front, South Vietnamese Stamps overprinted with Cong Hoa Mien Nam Viet Nam”; after the fall of Saigon at the end of April, 1975 the new Government did not have a sufficient number of stamps available in order to satisfy public demand. Stamps from North Vietnam could not be used as the currency there was not identical to the currency used in the South. The NLF/Viet Cong Postal Authorities therefore undertook efforts to overprint stamps of the old Government, that showed neutral, unpolitical designs, with a black overprint “Cong Hoa Mien Nam Viet Nam” in order to continue to use them. A small number of presentation sheets was produced but in the end was decided against. Five of these stamps were overprinted.

Here are all of them.

Since these stamps were never issued there is no postal history.

Registration Nr. 200023

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