North Vietnam, Physical Education, March 8th, 1958, Michel Nr. 70-71; The two stamps issued had the denomination of 150D (domestic letter rate) and 500D (international mail) and they featured an ice skater. They were perforated 13.0 and issued in sheets of 100 stamps each. The issue shows clear tonality issues as can be seen on the pairs of stamps below. The color variance probably is a function of plate wear and how much paint was guided to the printing plate during the print run.

The has found a perforation variety in his collection. This pair measures 12.75 instead of 13.0. This has not be catalogued so far.

Most used samples will be canceled to order such as this pair below.

Postally used samples are much rarer and are worth at least ten times that of CTO stamps.

Perforation errors are scarce such as on this pair below of the 500D stamp which features the inscription that is normally at the bottom of the stamp shown here at the top.

Complete letters are pretty scarce.Here are two air mail letters from March and July, 1958 showing how the 150 D and 500D values were typically used as extension values to cover the 650D air mail rate to Eastern European countries. Please note that the stains surrounding the stamps are no defect as these stamps were issued without gum and hence gum arabica was used to attach them.

Letter franked with the 150 Dong stamp sent to Klewitz in February of 1966 (late usage). It is an interesting mixed currency franking. The pre 1959 stamps (960 Old Dong) had been devalued 1,000: 1 in March of 1959 so they were only worth 96 xu in 1966. Interesting also the use of the 150 Dong Official stamp from 1958. Normally these stamps were only available to Government Offices, Non-Governmental Organizations and foreign embassies. Together with the stamps in new currency the letter had an overall franking of 1.92 Dong. Since the standard 20 gram registered letter tariff to West Germany was only  1.10 Dong this large letter must have been heavier than the standard.

Interesting mixed currency franking mailed by Xunhasaba as a Spcimen/Printed Matter in April of 1964. The letter carries the 500D Physical Education stamp that was devalued on March 1st, 1959 so was only worth 50xu at the time of mailing. The overall postage hence amounted to 73xu. England was still a rarer destination in the early 1960’s.

Large envelope sent in June of 1960 by a member of the Czechoslovakian Embassy and by registered mail to Czechoslovakia. This letter is interesting in that it features a triple mix franking of official service stamps and general postage stamps in Old and New Dong. The collection of Old Dong stamps (August Revolution, Cam Phase Mine, Trade Exhibition, Peoples Sport, Union Congress and Democratic Women) amounted to a total of 3,650, the official World Union Congress stamps to 200D and as of March 1st, 1959 were worth only 3.85 New Dong. Together with the stamps in New Dong (Hong-Xuan Sluice, Radio Station Me Tri, 10 Years Peoples Republic of China, Women Day, Hung Vu’o’ng Temple and National Assembly) that amounted to 0.63xu the total postage came to 4.48 New Dong. Very unusual and rare combination.

Registration Nr. 100075

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