Unified Vietnam, First Seating of the Unified National Assembly, July 24th, 1976, Michel Nr. 854; A single stamp with a 12 xu nominal and in perforation 12 was issued.

Single franking of the National Assembly stamp on a domestic air mail letter sent from Hanoi to Dalat in May of 1978.  The code inserted after the senders name looks like he may either be a member of the military or someone that worked in a re-education camp.

Rare express mail letter sent to Klewitz in March of 1977. It features the entire set plus some im-perforated reptile series stamps. Im-perforated stamps on postally used cover are very rare. The overall postage of the letter amounted to 1.66 Dong which appears to be below the prevailing tariff at the time (1.00 Dong base rate, 60 xu international registration charge, 50 xu express mail charge and 40 xu air mail fee for 5 grams), however it was transported without charging any postage due. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse.


Registration Nr. 102425

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