National Liberation Front, 1st Anniversary of the Liberation of South Vietnam , May 1st, 1976, Michel Nr. NLF 64; A single stamp with a nominal of 30D (in the South Vietnamese currency) was issued in perforation 11.0. The stamp was produced by the Tien Bo Printing House in sheets of 100 stamps each.

Here is the cancelled to order stamp.

Single franking of the 30D value sent from Lien Hoa (M.N. cancel) to Ho Chi Minh City on September 1st, 1975(?)-no year insert (full content preserved).

Single franking of the 30D stamp on a domestic letter (full contents preserved) sent by a member of the military (Hom Thu 765) to a civilian in Ho Chi MInh city in August of1976.

Rare multiple franking of the 30D value on a letter sent from Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City on July 29th, 1976, representing the second weight level. Note that Dalat was still using the cancel from the old regime (without M.N. insert) long after the end of the war.

Another rare multiple ranking of the 30xu value paying the second weight level domestic letter rate on a letter sent from Song Be (small post office) to Ho Chi Minh City in June of 1976

Interesting mixed currency franking between the NLF Dong and the North Vietnamese Dong. The two 300D NLF stamps, the 10 and 30D NLF stamp were devalued by 500:1 in April of 1976 so were only worth 1.28 new Dong at the time of mailing. Together with the NLF stamp in new Dong the overall postage hence amounted to 1.40 new Dong on this letter (full contents preserved) sent to France.

Very interesting mixed franking of National Liberation Front (NLF) and North Vietnamese (Unified Vietnam) stamps on a triple mixed currency cover mailed in May of 1986 from Ho Chi Minh City to Klewitz. NLF stamps were not valid in the North until reunification in April of 1986. After that the NLF stamps that were denominated in South Vietnamese Dong became valid but were devalued by 500:1. This means that the four 30D stamps (Michel Nr. NLF 64) were only worth 0.24 nD. The North Vietnamese/Unified Vietnam stamps issued prior to the currency reform on September 14th, 1985 (i.e. Sun Flower, Intercosmos, Hai Phong Liberation) were devalued by 10:1 so only worth 11.26 oD : 10 = 1.13 nD. at time of mailing. Together with stamps in new Dong (Le’ Lo’i and National Assembly stamps) for 4.5D and the red free frank of  34.5 nD the overall postage of the letter amounted to 40.37 nD. There is also one military free frank from 1984 that was not valid for international postage but that was nevertheless accepted by the postal clerk. Fragment of the green Fulda custom cachet on front.

Registration Nr. 200020

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