North Vietnam, Anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China, October 1st, 1959, Michel Nr. 108; A single stamp with a nominal of 12 xu was issue to honor the Peoples Republic of China that was still a very important economic benefactor of the Vietnamese People. The stamp covers the standard domestic letter rate. It was perforated 11:0.

Below is a mint block of four

While the stamp was printed on white paper a pink overprint grid was applied to complete sheets of stamps. Here is the light pink grid version. You can most easily see it by the vertical line on the right stamp’s selvage that delineates the end of the overprint. The left stamp, without grid, is included for comparison.

A slightly darker pink version of the overprint also exists. Here it is, again in comparison with the same mint stamp on white paper as above. The right stamp cleary has more of a pink hue as the left stamp. Also, again, note the vertical line on the selvage that shows where the overprint ended on the sheet. Not catalogued so far. The purpose of the overprint is not known. 

Here is a perforation error where the horizontal perforation is missing on the top margin.

Very rare local letter sent from Vinh-Linh on October 9th, 1959 to Hanoi (machine arrival cancel October 12th, 1959 on the reverse). The letter (ex. Klewitz) was sent by a member of the military that was stationed in Vinh Ninh (see the H.T. field post number 3347 that served as the key sender address.

Postally mailed First Day Cover featuring the correct postage of 12 xu.

Very rare express mail cover sent registered to Klewitz in February of 1970. The cover carries a complete set of the perforated and im-perforated Titow stamp set plus nine stamps of the 10th anniversary of the PRC. Im-perforated stamps on postally used letters are very hard to find. Given the express sending and registration fee (60 xu) and the standard letter rate to West Germany (50 xu) the letter was franked with 1.56 Dong.

Large envelope sent in June of 1960 by a member of the Czechoslovakian Embassy and by registered mail to Czechoslovakia. This letter is interesting in that it features a triple mix franking of official service stamps and general postage stamps in Old and New Dong. The collection of Old Dong stamps (August Revolution, Cam Phase Mine, Trade Exhibition, Peoples Sport, Union Congress and Democratic Women) amounted to a total of 3,650, the official World Union Congress stamps to 200D and as of March 1st, 1959 were worth only 3.85 New Dong. Together with the stamps in New Dong (Hong-Xuan Sluice, Radio Station Me Tri, 10 Years Peoples Republic of China, Women Day, Hung Vu’o’ng Temple and National Assembly) that amounted to 0.63xu the total postage came to 4.48 New Dong. Very unusual and rare combination.

Registration Nr. 100270

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