South Vietnam, 1. Anniversary of Coming into Effect of the Agrarian Reform Law, March 26th, 1971, Michel Nr. SVN 467-469; Three stamps in nominals of 2D (Q:3,000,000), 3D (Q:1,000,000) and 16D (Q:1,000,000) were issued in perforation 13.

Here is the mint set.

Enpreuves de Luxe; printed on thin cardboard paper.

A printing error is known of the 2D stamp that is known with a wrong date. Instead of March 23, 1971 the error shows March 23, 1970 which, of course is not the 1.Anniversary of the Law but the date the law was initially passed. The error was discovered prior to the stamps release and the error stamps were initially not sold to the public. At a later date error stamps from postal archives did find their way to the market. Below is a mint block of four of the error stamp with the wrong date.

A printing error is known on the 3D value on which parts of the “3d” on the stamp are partially blue. This was caused by a reproduction error where the technician did not properly cover the “3d” and hence under-mining the separate printing stages.

Detailed scan of the affected area.

Multiple franking of the 2D value (3) paying an overall postage of 6D on a domestic air mail letter sent from Long Xuyen to Cholon in April of 1971.

Mixed franking of the 3D Agrarian Reform Law stamp together with stamps from the Ha Tien Beach, Folk Dances and  3rd Anniversary of the Revolution sets paying an overall postage of 11D on an international letter sent from Saigon to Papua New Guinea inAugust of 1971. Papua New Guinea was a very rare destination.

Mixed franking of the 3D Craft stamp (2) together with stamps from the Anniversary of the Revolution and Agrarian reform Law sets paying an overall postage of 12D on a rare printed matter mailing sent from Saigon to France in January of 1972.

Single franking of the 16D value on a domestic registered letter sent from An Giang to Saigon in July of 1971. Saigon machine cancel on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the Land Reform Law set plus stamps from the Animals, Ocean Fish and Development of Rural Post sets paying an overall postage of 240D on a rare registered express mail letter sent from Da Lat to West Germany in December of 1971. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Ex Klewitz.

Registration Nr. 201050

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