North Vietnam, For War Invalids, issued in 1965, Michel Nr. 29 I; A single stamp with no nominal value was produced by Tien Bo Printing House in sheets of 100 and 120 stamps and in perforation 11.0. The official Vietnames Stamp Catalogue 1945-2000 indicates that this stamp was issued in 1965 but does not provide an exact date. Michel states that the stamp was issued in 1978 but that makes little sense as the editor possesses a postally used letter with this stamp from 1970 (see below). The stamp is very similar in design to Michel Nr. 7 but this time includes the inscription “”Tem Thu’o’ng Binh” and does not show any nominal value. The stamp with the 1965 inscription is the rarest stamp of this design type (i.e. the other stamps in the same or similar design issued in 1963 and 1966). Be prepared to pay at least $150 for a mint copy.

Here is the mint stamp.

Very rare phase prints of the 1965 stamp on issued paper. This one shows the red printing phase on issued paper. Note that this print does not include “1965” at the bottom.

This phase print shows the red and green printing phase. It also shows the olive printing phase on the reverse.

Yellow phase print of the 1965 stamp on white magazine style paper.

Olive phase print on issued paper.

Very rare completed design trial proof of the 1965 imperforate on issued paper.

Exceedingly rare letter (full contents preserved) featuring the 1965 stamp sent from Cam Pha in November of 1970. This is the only postally used letter the editor has ever seen featuring  single franking.

Very rare and most likely unique franking of the 12xu Medallion stamp from 1963 and 1965 on an international letter sent to Hungary. The veterans free frank was not valid for international mail, however, this fact appears to have been little known by postal clerks who often accepted them for international mail nevertheless. The editor is not aware of any other letters that carry the 1963 and 1965 stamps on the same cover. 

Registration Nr. 101011

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