Indochina, Stamps of the Alphee Dubois general Colony series overprinted with new Values Cochinchina, 1889, Michel Nr. CCH 4-6, CCH I; Three stamps of the Alphee Dubois series were overprinted for Cochinchine with a new values and the letters “C.CH”. Specifically 5C on 25C yellow-brown (2 different overprints), 5C on 2C red-brown and 5C on 25C black.

5C on 25C yellow-brown m.h.

5C on 25C yellow-brown with C.CH at the bottom m.h.

5C on 2C red-brown with C.CH at the bottom m.h.

5C on 25C black on yellow-pink m.h.

5C on 25C yellow-brown stamp used in Saigon on January of 1887

Block of four canceled with the circular data canceler from Saigon (Desrousseaux B 2)

Beware overprint forgeries do exist Here is a forgery trying to simulate an error (missing C.CH.). The “5” was added on top of an already cancelled stamp which makes it clear it was overprinted after it had been used. Also note the different shape of the “5”.

5C on 2C red-brown stamp used

Again, overprint forgeries do exist. Here the overprint was added after the stamp had already been used. Note the different shape of the “5” and “C.CH.”.

5C on 25C black used

Another stamp 15/15C on 30C brown was, according to Michel, prepared in expectation of a shortage of the 15C value but not issued as the re-supply of stamps did in fact arrive on time. Below are two m.h. stamps in two different color shades.

Registration Nr. 090003

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