Indochina, Children Aid Organization, June 22nd, 1942, Michel Nr. IND 263-265; Three stamps were issued in France in the nominals of 15C plus 35C surcharge, 20C plus 60C surcharge and 30C plus 90C surcharge. But the stamps did not reach Indochina due to disruption of transportation during the war. As a result very few of these stamps were postally used.  Some of them were physically brought by travelers to Indochina during or after the war and then used there, mostly for philatelic purposes. All used stamps or postally used letters are pretty rare.

Here is the mint hinged set.

Mixed franking using the 20C Children Aid Organization and Donation Week stamps that were not issued locally together with stamps from the Air Mail and Domestic Scenes II sets paying an overall postage of 6.40P on a registered international air mail letters ent from Saigon to the United States in February of 1949. Two different New York arrival cancels on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 090340

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