North Vietnam, Opening of the new Stadium in Hanoi, December 31st, 1958, Michel Nr. D29-32; Four stamps in the nominals of 10D, 20D, 80D and 150D were issued in perforation 12.5.

Hers it the mint set.

These stamps are extremely hard to find postally used. Most used stamps are cancelled to order like this set.

Heres is a mint 150D stamp the shows a printing error in the shape of green color smudges above and to the right of the players head. It is unclear if this is just a freak or reoccurring plate error.

Detailed scan of the affected area.

Very rare official letter sent in May of 1959 to an engineer school in East Germany featuring strips of three of the 40d Union Congress and 80D Hanoi Stadium official stamps for an overall postage of 360D.

So Xuan Nhap Chau Sach Bo bulletin mailing announcing the issuance of the Bay of Halong and the Cam Phase Coal Mine stamps in 1959. The bulletin was sent by the State owned media company to the same stamp dealer in England. England was still a very rare destination in the late 1950’s. The bulletin is franked with the 150 and 200D Country Defense official stamps plus one of the 20D Hanoi Stadium official stamps for a total postage of 370D.

Air Mail letter sent, most likely by member of the East German Embassy in Hanoi, to a relative in Muenster, West Germany in January of 1959. West Germany was a rare destination at that time.  The letters is franked with a mixture of official stamps (three stamps from the Opening of Hanoi Stadium set) plus some general purpose stamps (from the Jade Tempe, HCM Birthday and Southern Resistance sets) paying an overall postage of 650D

Registration Nr. 100171

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