South Vietnam, Emperor Graves in Hue, January 2nd, 1970, Michel Nr. SVN 441; Michel Nr. SVN 325 from the Buildings and Landscapes set was repurposed as a definitive issues that was produced in large rolls. The image size was reduced from 36mm x 26mm to 23.5mm x 17.5mm. Due to the production in rolls short perforations on top or bottom margins is normal and does not devalue the stamp.

Here is the mint stamp

Mint strip of seven stamps from the large roll

Official First Day Cover

Rare multiple franking of the 1D stamp (5) paying an overall postage of 5D on  domestic letter sent in November of 1972 by a member of the military (KBC 3639) to a civilian in Saigon. The postage was short in postage and hence received a black “T” hand stamp indicating that additional postage was due. Red circular KBC cachet on front.

 Mixed ranking of the 6D Indigenous People stamp together with stamps from the Emperor Graves in Hue, Agrarian Reform and Air Mail sets paying an overall postage of 18.30D on an international air mail letters ent from My Tho to France. The Emperor Graves stamp is quite difficult to find on postally used cover.

Mixed franking of the Vietnamese Women Fashion set together with stamps from the Emperor Graves Hue, Rolling Post Offices and Agrarian Reform sets paying an overall postage of 115D on a rare international registered express mail letter sent from Da Lat to West Germany. Saigon machine transit cancel on the reverse. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Ex Klewitz.

Registration Nr. 200930

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