Indochina, Nam-Giao Festival, March 29th, 1942, Michel Nr. IND 259-260; Two stamps in nominals of 3C and 6C were issued in perforation 11.5.

Here is the mint set in blocks of four. Please note that the top right 6C stamp shows the plate error “eye of the elephant missing”.

Detailed scan of the plate error.

Cancelled to order set featuring First Day Cancels

Mixed franking featuring both stamps in the set and paying an overall postage of 9C on a domestic letter that the well known philatelist Jacques Dessrousseaux sent to himself in Hanoi in June of 1942. This was during the Japanese Occupation but like most local letters, the envelope was not censored. Hanoi arrival cancel on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the Nam-Giao Festival set together with stamps from Indochinese Rulers and Domestic Scences I (Overprinted for use in Kouang Tcheou) paying an overall postage of 29C on a domestic letter sent within Hanoi City. September 1st, 1942 was the First Day of Use for the Indochinese Ruler stamps.

Registration Nr. 090320

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