Indochina, Personalities, Michel Nr. 313-315; Three stamps with nominals of 6C, 20C and 30C were issued in perforation 11.5. The stamps were issued at different times as follows:

6C = October 5th, 1943

20C = June 10th, 1943

30C = June 15th, 1943

Here is the mint set in blocks of four.

Yellow-brown color

Large mint never hinged part of a sheet of the 30C orange-brown (35 stamps).


Here is the cancelled to order set in blocks of four.

Yellow-Brown color

Postally used set.

Set featuring First Day Cancels

Single franking of the 6C stamp on a domestic letter sent from Tuyen Quang to Hanoi in November of 1943. The letter was censored by the Japanese Occupation Force as indicated by the “Hanoi Bis” circular cancel on the reverse. Additional Hanoi arrival cancels on the reverse. The letter was collect by the well known Jacques Dessrouseaux who held the position of “Chef des Mines” in Indochina. Ex Desrousseaux.

Mixed franking of the 40C de Lagree stamps (2) together with the 15C and 30C Rhodes stamps paying an overall postage of 1.25P on an international air mail letter sent through the military postal system to Metz in France. Cancelled with the “mute” Posted aux Armees T.O.E.” cancel from December 23rd, 1945. This is an early letter out of Indochina after World War II.

Registration Nr. 090420

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