Indochina, Stamps of the Alphee Dubois general Colony series overprinted with new Values Annan and Tonkin, 1889, Michel Nr. ANN 4-6;

A decree signed in Hanoi on 21. January, 1888 by Raoul Berger, acting Resident General of Annam and Tonkin, authorized the Director of Posts and Telegraphs to overcome the shortage of 1c and 5c stamps by converting into the required values a specific quantity of other denominations in the current general colonial commerce sense. The conversions were to be : Into 1 C – 20,850 of the 2c denomination, and 30,000 of the 4c denomination and into 5c – 45,000 of the 10c denomination. (Mark Isaacs, SICP Journal Volume IX, Nr. 6, November, 1979).

Three stamps of the Alphee Dubois series were overprinted for Annam and Tongking with a new value and the letters “A-T”. Specifically 1C on 2C red-brown, 1C on 4C violet-brown and 5C on 10C black due to the fact that the general Colony stamps for these denominations were sold out and a new shipment had not arrived yet.

Below is the 1C on 4C cancelled with Nam Dinh-Tonkin circular cancel (Desrousseaux B 1) from February of 1883.

Registration Nr. 090002

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