Unified Vietnam, Border Troops, August 30th, 1984, Michel Nr. M43; A single stamp with no nominal value and in perforation 10.75 was issued. The stamp is known in smooth and in rough perforation. The rough perforation is simply a function of stacking too many sheets at a time into the perforation machine.

Here is the mint stamp in smooth perforation

and here the one in rough perforation

The stamp was not officially released imperforate, however, a small number of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Here is one f them from the left sheet margin.

Here is a mint pair on which the left stamp shows a production flaw in the shape of a white cloth hanging from th back of the gun of the middle person”.

Detailed scan of the affected area.

Single franking of the stamp on a local letter sent from HCN City to Can Tho in January of 1987.

Single franking of the military free frank on a domestic letter sent in February of 1985 to HCM City.

Single franking fo the military free frank sent to Hanoi. Illegible transit  cancel on the reverse.


Registration Nr. 103705

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