Indochina, Vietnamese Women overprinted with new values and overprinted for use in Yunnan-Fou, 1919, Michel Nr. IND 67VII-83VII; Seventeen values were overprinted as follows: 2/5C on 1C, 4/5C on 2C, 1 3/5C on 4C, 2C on 5C, 4C on 10C, 6C on 15C, 8C on 20C, 10C on 25C, 12C on 30C, 14C on 35C, 16C on 40C, 20C on 50C, 30C on 75C40C on 1Fr, 80C on 2Fr, 2P ON 5Fr AND 4P ON 10Fr.

Mixed franking of the 2C on 5C (1) and 4C on 10C (5) paying an overall postage of 22C on a registered domestic letter sent within Lao Kay in November of 1922.

Multiple franking of the 6C on 15C (2) paying an overall postage of 12C on an international postcard sent from Saigon to Switzerland.

Registration Nr. 090098

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