Indochina, Orphan Assistance, January, 1919, Michel Nr. IND 90-95; French welfare stamps were overprinted with the word “INDOCHINE” and new values. The following nominals were issued 10C on 15C+10C, 16C on 25C + 15C, 24C on 35C +25C, 40C on 50C + 50C, 80C on 1F + 1F and 4P on 5F + 5F were issued.

Here is the m.h. set.

Mixed franking of the 10C on 15C overprinted stamp together with two gutter pairs of the 1/5 C (8) paying an overall postage of 11 3/5C on a domestic letter fragment. The stamps are cancelled with the rare La Gni rural cancel. Can-Tho arrival cancel on the reverse. Gutter-pairs on postally user cover are rare.


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