North Vietnam, Military Free Frank, January 3rd, 1961, Michel Nr. M5; A single stamp intended for active military personell and in perforation 11 was produced by the Tien Bo Printing House in sheets of 100. The stamp did not show any nominal value.

Here is the official Xunhasaba bulletin that was produced in February of 1961 and mailed to stamp dealers and collectors with a cancelled to order sample of the stamp attached.

Here is the mint stamp.

There are two repeating plate errors known on this stamp. The first one can be seen on this mint pair. The right stamp shows a diagonal white line above the riders head.

Detailed scan of the affected area:

The other plate error is featured on the bottom left stamp of this mint block of eight. To the left of the horses head is a white bubble.

Detailed scan of the affected area:

As all local letters this stamp is very rare on postally used correspondence. Most local letters were destroyed in the multi-decadal war, the tropical climate and recycling due to raw material shortages. This letter was sent by a member of the military (note the Hom Thu number in the sender line) from Than Hoa to Hanoi. Hanoi machine cancel on the reverse.

Very rare local letter sent from Hanoi to Ninh Binh in May of 1961.

Another very rare local letter sent from Lang Gia (small post office) to Hanoi in April of 1961. The stamp is slightly damaged on the right, nevertheless still a worthwhile item for any collection as this stamp is so hard to find on cover.

Very rare local letter mailed in December of 1961 to Hanoi. Hanoi machine arrival cancel on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 100471

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