North Vietnam, 3 Years South Vietnamese Liberation Front, December 20th, 1964, Michel Nr. 292; By 1964 the North had given up all pretenses that re-unifiation of the country could be achieved by peaceful means. The resistance army called the National Liberation Front (NLF) was recruited from the local South Vietnamese population which allowed the North to blend the army in among civilians making routing them a difficult task. One stamp in the nominal of 12 xu was issued. It was perforated 11.0.

Here is the mint stamp.

Mint block of four.

Rare single franking of the 12 xu National Liberation Front stamp on a letter to Budapest, Hungary.

Here is a letter sent to Klewitz in December of 1965 featuring one of the NLF stamps among other North Vietnamese stamps. The overall franking amounted to 40 xu which was actually insufficient  for a letter to West Germany. However, the clever sender duped the postal clerk into thinking that the letter was routed towards East Germany by writing “Germany RD” which stood for East Germany on the envelope. To that destination the required rate was only 12 xu so the clerk accepted the letter without charging any postage due.

Registration Nr. 100980

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