South Vietnam, Postage Due Stamps 1956, June 4th, 1956, Michel Nr. SVN P11-14; Four stamps in nominals of 20D, 30D, 50D and 100D were issued in perforation 13.5. These nominals were pretty high for this time period even if one considers that postage due fees carried a 100% surcharge on the missing postage. The standard domestic letter rate in 1956 stood at only 1.50D. SICP member Lucian Lu has suggested that the purpose of these stamps was likely to be also of fiscal nature which meant that the high values could have been used to pay for stamp taxes on legal documents such as real estate transactions or other large purchases. Used samples mostly stem from the 1970’s when postage rates were already much higher.

Here is the mint set.

and here is the postally used set in rare large multiples

These stamps were not officially released imperforate, however, a small number of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Here is the imperforate set in mint blocks of nine.

Domestic letter sent by a member of the military to a civilian in Saigon in May of 1974. The letter was dropped into the mail box without any stamps and hence was charged a 30D postage due penalty upon arrival (twice the 25D domestic letter rate) . This was made up of a 20D and 30D postage die stamp.

Domestic letter (full content preserved) sent in September of 1974 from Gia Duc (small post office) to Saigon and franked with a single 10D Development of Rural Post stamp. This was 15D short of the required 25D postage and hence a 30D postage due stamp was added on the reverse upon arrival.

Registration Nr. 200145

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