Indochina, World Exhibition, Paris Souvenir Sheet overprinted for use in Kouang-Tcheou;

Here is the m.n.h. souvenir-sheet

Rare mixed franking of the souvenir-sheet together with stamps from the Domestic Scences I and II overprinted for the use in Kouang Tcheou paying an overall postage of 37C on international air mail letter sent from Hanoi to France in June of 1938. French arrival cancel on the reverse. Souvenir-sheets on postally used letters are very hard to find.

Mixed franking of the souvenir-sheet and the 10C Domestic Scene stamps paying an overall postage of 40C on an international printed matter mailing sent from Fort Bayard to the island of Reunion in July of 1943. Reunion arrival cancel on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 090172

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