North Vietnam, Aquaculture, July 3rd, 1963, Michel Nr. 262-263; Two stamps, both in a 12 xu nominal, were issued in perforation 11.0.

Here is the mint set.

Very rare sheetlet of the aquaculture stamp on thin parchment type paper depicting the carp showing all three printing colors. Signed off by an official in May of 1963 just two months prior to issuance.

Detailed scan of the stamp image

Registered letter sent to Klewitz in September of 1963. It contains the entire perforated set and a set of the inter-planetary stamps im-perforated. Im-perforated stamps on postally used cover are very rare. The letter was franked with 74 xu which was in fact too little for a standard registered letter to West Germany (Tariff of 1.10 Dong), however, the sender duped the postal clerk into thinking the letter was actually routed to East Germany by writing “Allemagne RD” at the bottom of the address (which stood for East Germany). To that destination the required postage was only 12 xu for the letter and 60 xu for the international registration fee. To the clerk hence the letter looked like it was slightly over-franked.

Very rare single franking of one of the 12xu stamps on a local letter from a small post office in Lu-Xa to Hanoi. Unusual machine arrival cancel from Hanoi on the reverse. Most local letters got lost in the war that went on for decades, the tropical climate or recycling due to raw material shortages.

Another very rare local letter addressed to Vinh Nghe An. Sent in September of 1963. Hung Ngo transit cancel on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 100780

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