North Vietnam, Harmful Insects, July 24th, 1965, Michel Nr. 379-384; Six values were issued in the nominals of 12 xu (four stamps), 20 xu and 30 xu. The stamps were issued perforated 11.0 and imperforate.

Here is the mint perforate set.

Here is the mint imperforate set:

Here is a letter with the entire set sent to Klewitz in August of 1965. The overall franking amounted to 1.60 Dong which was well in excess of the required postage of 50 xu for a standard letter to Western Europe.

Very rare express mail letter sent to Klewitz featuring the entire imperforate set. On the reverse there are two imperforate values of the wild animal set from the same year. Imperforate stamps on postally used cover are very rare. The overall postage amounted to 2.18 Dong which is on account of the registration and express mail fee.

Mixed franking sent to the Director of a State owned enterprise in East Germany featuring, among others, the 20xu Harmful Insects stamp.

Registration Nr. 101120

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