South Vietnam, Savings Day “Buy Government Loans”, July 10th, 1972, Michel Nr. SVN 509-510; Two stamps in nominals of 10D and 25D were issued in perforation 13.5.

Here is the mint set.

These stamps were not officially released imperforate, however, a small number of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Here is the imperforate set in matching sheet margins.

A printing error is known on the 10D value. In the 1970’s stamp cliches were still assembled manually in order to reflect certain colors. Below is a mint pair on which the left 10D value shows a faulty covering of the “d” in “10 Dong”. Here the repo worker only covered the “d” partially resulting in a mostly black instead of a red letter.

Details scan of the affected area.

Enpreuves de Luxe; printed on thin cardboard paper.

Single franking of the 10D value on a domestic letter mailed in Saigon Cholon in July of 1972.

Single franking of the 25D value on a domestic letter sent from Vinh Long to Saigon in February of 1975.

Mixed franking of the 10D Orchid stamp together with stamps from the Sights, Calligraphy and Buy Government Bonds sets paying an overall postage of 100D on an international surface letter sent from Saigon to England in March 4th of 1975. The letter took a full nine weeks to arrive as is confirmed by the Reading arrival cancel on front.

Mixed franking of the Agrarian Reform Law overprinted stamps (2) together with stamps from the Sights, Day of the Farmer, Buy Government Bonds and Sampan Boat sets paying an overall postage of 125D on an international air mail letter sent from My Tho to Canada in January of 1975.

Registration Nr. 201200

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