South Vietnam


Air Mail

Registration No. 200010

South Vietnam, Air Mail, March 8th, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN 73-77; The Landscapes/Bảo Đại set did not cover some specific air mail rates which precipitated the issuance of…

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Postage Due Stamps 1952

Registration No. 200015

South Vietnam, Postage Due Stamps 1952, June 16th, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN P1-6; Stamps in nominals of 0.10P, 0.20P, 030P, 0.40P, 0.50P and 1P (Q:1,000,000 each except 1P…

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Nam Phương

Registration No. 200020

South Vietnam, Nam Phương, August 15th, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN 78-80; Empress Nam Phương (14 December 1914 – 16 September 1963), born Marie-Thérèse Nguyễn Hữu Thị Lan, was the…

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Festival of erring Souls

Registration No. 200040

South Vietnam, Festival of erring Souls,September 3rd, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN 82-86, Blocks 6-10; Five stamps in nominals of 40c (Q:3,000,000), 70c (Q:2,000,000), 80c (Q:2,000,000), 90c (Q:1,000,000) and…

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