South Vietnam, Planned Conquest of North Vietnam, 1967, Michel Nr. SVN III-IV; By 1967 the Vietnam War was in full swing and the U.S. was executing large bombing raids in North Vietnam and Laos. However, some members of the U.S. Government, had second doubts, if the war could actually be won. A stamp set, perforated 13 and in nominals of 1.50D and 3D heralding the Planned Conquest of North Vietnam were planned but was ultimately not issued. May be it was deemed too politically sensitive but the actual reason for not publishing these stamps is unknown to the editor. The un-issued stamps were at a later stage sold into the philatelic market and they are not particularly rare. The Michel price of €120 for the set is highly unrealistic. One can get the mint perforated set for under $10. The imperforate version of the stamps are a bit more rare than the perforated version.

Here is the mint perforated set

Mint blocks of four

Complete mint sheets of the set.

Imperforate 1.50D value from the bottom right sheet margin

Enpreuves de Luxe; STCV-Roma-membro del gruppo Thomas de la Rue, Londres inscribed at bottom right.

Since these stamps were never issued there are no cancelled versions of them or any postal history.

Registration Nr. 200700

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