Two stamps in the nominals of 150D and 500D were issued on November 7th, 1958 in perforation 11.5.

Here is the mint set

Here is a cancelled to order set

Official Xunhasaba bulletin announcing the release of the Tem Minh Si Military stamp of 1959 and the Vietnam Day stamp from the same year (Michel Nr. 104). The bulletin was franked with a mixture of regular postage stamps (20D 2 Years Democratic Republic, 150D Agricultural Aid) and the 200D Defense of Country official stamp for a total postage of 370D. Red propaganda cachet on front.

Mixed franking of the 500D Agricultural Aid and the 150D Jade Tempel stamps for an overall postage of 650D on an air mail letter to a company in East Germany. The letter dates from December of 1958.

Rare regional letter (ex Schwirtz) sent from Hanoi to Sihanoukville in Cambodia from March of 1960. Since the letters weight (20g) is annotated on the envelope this letter documents that the standard air mail letter rate amounted to 60xu at the time (the two stamps in Old Dong had been devalued by 1,000:1 on March 1st, 1959). The addressee was unknown in Sihanoukville so the letter was stamped with “Unknown” and “Return to Sender” and then returned to Vietnam.

Registration Nr. 100150

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