Unified Vietnam, Day of War Invalids 1982, November 9th, 1982, Michel Nr. M39; A single stamp without a nominal value and in perforation 11.0 was issued.

Here is the mint stamp

This stamp was not officially released imperforate, however a small number of imperforate trial proofs/phase prints have come to market. Here are two imperforate phase prints. The right stamp just shows the green printing run, while the left stamp features both the green and light yellow printing run.

Here is the finished stamp as an imperforate trial proof

Single franking of the stamp on a local letter sent from Hai Phong to HCM City in November of 1983. Fragment of the HCM City machine arrival cancel on the reverse.

Single franking of the stamp on a local letter mailed from Song Be to HCM City.

Rare multiple franking of the stamp representing the second weight level on a local letter from Than Hoa to HCM City.

Unusual use of the military free frank on a mixed franking of three of the stamps together with the 50 xu value World Food Day. Given that the domestic letter rate for 20g at the time was 50 xu the overall franking equivalent computes to 2D, which represents the fourth weight level. The editor has never seen another similar use. The letter was sent from Hanoi to HCM City in February of 1983.

Registration Nr. 103285

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