North Vietnam, National Defense, January 15th, 1963, Michel Nr. 246-246; Two stamps in the nominals of 5 xu and 12 xu were issued. Perforation was 11:0.

Here is the mint set.

Here is a letter sent to Klewitz in June of 1974. It carries the complete set plus a block of four of the 3 Dong high nominal for an overall postage of 12.17 Dong. The letter was sent registered and via express mail but the postage applied appears to be excessive.

Rare single franking of the 12xu value on a letter from Hanoi to Leipzig, East Germany paying the correct tariff of the standard letter rate at the time.

Mixed ranking from February of 1963 composed of the 5xu National Defense stamp, the 50xu Animal stamp and the 10 xu Pagoda stamp for an overall postage of 65 xu. The standard letter rate to Western countries amounted to 50xu for 20 grams, so this letter must have been of the second weight level.

Registration Nr. 100711

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