Indochina, Air Mail with Inscription of “RF”, 1938-1941, Michel Nr. 232-237; Six stamps in nominals of 11C, 16C, 37C, 39C, 67C and 69C were issued in perforation 13.5.

Here is the partial mint never hinged set.

International air mail letter sent in February of 1940 from Saigon to France. The letter carries the 37C Air Mail stamp together with two 9C San Francisco Exhibition stamps paying an overall postage of 55C. The letter was censored by the French military in Saigon as indicated by the censure banderole and hand stamps. Saigon machine transit cancel on the reverse.

Mixed ranking of the 67C Air Mail stamp together with a 23C San Francisco Exhibition stamp paying an overall postage of 90C on an international air mail letter sent from Saigon to India in December of 1947.  Various Indian transit/arrival cancels on the reverse.

Registration Nr. 090240

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