North Vietnam, Geological Research, August 21st, 1961, Michel Nr. 174-175; Two stamps in the nominals of 2 xu and 12 xu were issued in perforation 11:0 (1,000,000 sets)

Mint blocks of four:


Postally used 2xu stamp. Postall used stamps are at least ten times rarer than cancelled to order stamps.

Very rare single franking of the 12x value on a local letter sent from Hanoi to Hai-Phong in September of 1961. Most local letters were destroyed in the multi-decadal war, by the tropical climate or recycling due to raw material shortages. Hai-Phong arrival cancel on the reverse.

Registered letter sent to Klewitz in September of 1961 containing the entire perforated set. The overall franking of 73 xu would have been insufficient for a registered letter to West Germany (50 xu letter rate plus 60 xu international registration fee) but since the sender wrote “RDA” at the bottom of the letter (which stood for East Germany) the postal clerk applied the lower letter rate to fellow socialist countries (12 xu plus 60 xu registration fee).

Letter mailed from Hanoi to East Germany most likely in 1961 carrying two of the Pagoda stamps, one 12 xu National Savings and one 2xu Geological Research stamp for an overall postage of 38xu. Since the standard letter rate to East Germany was only 20xu as of March 1st, 1960 this letter must have been heavier than the standard 20g.

Mixed franking of three 12xu stamps (including the 12xu Geological Research stamp) for an overall postage of 36xu on a letter sent to Hong Kong in August of 1975. The postage of the letter was apparently not sufficient so was assessed with a post due handstamp on front. It is unclear if the postage due was ever collected.

Mixed franking of the 20xu and 50xu Flower stamps plus the 2xu Geological Research stamp for an overall postage of 72xu on a Xunhasaba bulletin that announces the release of the Flower set sent to Hamburg Youth Philatelist in April of 1962.

Mixed franking using two of the 1xu Young Pioneer stamps, National Savings and Geological Research stamps for an overall postage of 12 xu, which was the correct postage to East Germany at the time.

Rare registered express mail letter sent to Klewitz in October of 1980. It carries two of the 1 Dong Day of the Cild stamps plus two of the 2 xu Geological Research stamp for an overall postage of 4.42 Dong. Red “Franked by Sender” hand stamp and green Fulda custom cachet on front.  The zero red free frank was required to produce the R-label as they came out of the same machine.

Registration Nr. 100590

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