Army 1984

Registration No. 103376

Unified Vietnam, Army 1984, April 30th, 1983, Michel Nr. M41; A single stamp with no nominal value and in perforation 11.0 was issued. There are questions about the…

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Colombo Conference

Registration No. 200190

South Vietnam, Colombo Conference, October 21st, 1957, ;Michel Nr. SVN 140-144; Five stamps in nominals of 20c (Q:1,200,000), 40c (Q:500,000), 50c (Q:500,000), 2D (Q:500,000) and 3D (Q:500,000) and…

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The Sisters Tru’ng

Registration No. 200380

South Vietnam, The Sisters Tru’ng, March 1st, 1963, Michel Nr. NVN 280-283; Four stamps in nominals of 50c, 1D, 3D and 8D ere issued in perforation 13. Here…

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Nguyễn Đình Chiểu

Registration No. 201010

South Vietnam, Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, November 16th, 1970, Michel Nr.SVN 458-459; Nguyễn Đình Chiểu (阮廷沼; 1 July 1822 – 3 July 1888) was a Vietnamese poet who was…

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Registration No. 201180

South Vietnam, Calligraphy, May 5th, 1972, Michel Nr. SVN 503-505; Three stamps in nominals of 5D, 20D and 50D were issued in perforation 13.5. Here is the mint…

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