North Vietnam, 10.Anniversary of Hanoi’s Liberation, October 10th, 1964, Michel Nr. 328-329; Two stamps in the nominals 6 xu and 12 xu were issued in perforation 11.0.

Here is the mint set:

These stamps were not released im-perforated but a handful of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Rare.

Rare Single franking of the 6xu stamp used on a postcard to Poland paying the correct postcard postage in force at the time.

Rare multiple franking of the 6 xu stamp paying the correct 12 xu postage on an international air mail letter sent from Hanoi to the USSR in November of 1964. Soviet arrival cancel on the reverse.

Rare single franking of the 12xu Liberation of Hanoi stamp on a letter to Hungary.

Letter sent on the First Day of Issuance to Klewitz in West Germany featuring the entire set. The letter had an overall franking of 59 xu which was slightly in excess of thee required postage of 50 xu.

Rare registered express mail letter sent to Klewitz in December of 1978. It features the Hanoi liberation set plus a range of other NVN stamps from the period. The overall postage amounted to 5.74 Dong. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Fulda green custom cachet on front.

Rare registered express mail letter sent to Klewitz in July of 1978. It carries a block of four of the Children stamps plus one of the 12 xu Liberation of Hanoi stamps. The letter was sent from Bac Ninh but interestingly enough the R-Label was only attached in Bac-Giang. The letter was opened un-professionally during transit (as pointed out by Klewitz) which may have been a censorship move but no censor marking were indicated. The overall postage amounted to 5.08 Dong. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Green Fulda custom cachet on front.

First Flight letter of Lufthansa 773 from Ho Chi Minh City to Frankfurt, Germany (October 30th, 1990). The letter carries the 6 xu Liberation of Hanoi stamp plus two of the early 1965/1967 National Liberation Front stamps. Since the currency of the NLF stamps (denominated in South Vietnamese Dong) and that of North Vietnamese stamps (denominated in North Vietnamese Dong) were incompatible these stamps were not allowed in North Vietnam. However, it appears that no one noticed this on this letter as it lipped through without any comments.

Colorful mixed currency franking of the 1,000D Handicraft stamp (that was devalued 1,000:1 on March 1st, 1959 and hence only worth 1D at the time of mailing) with other NVN stamps (including the 6xu Liberation of Hanoi stamp) for an overall postage of  2.36D on a rare registered letter to Czechoslovakia mailed in December of 1964.

Mixed franking with the entire set plus other NVN stamps (including the 12 xu Liberation of Hanoi) for an overall postage of 97xu, which was well above the required 12xu tariff in 1964, so most likely this represents a philatelic mailing.

Registration Nr. 100950

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