South Vietnam, 1. Anniversary of the International Union for Radio Connections, August 24th, 1952, Michel Nr. SVN 81; A single stamp with a 1P nominal (Q:1,000,000) was issued in perforation 12.5. The stamp was valid postage until January 1st, 1956 when it became invalid.

Here is the mint stamp

and here the postally used stamp

Prior to the release of the stamp number of them was distributed to other postal administrations and to news publications. These stamps received a black “SPECIMEN” hand stamp in order to prevent them from being used.

South Vietnamese stamps were produced overseas (primarily in France, Germany and Japan) where printing equipment and security was superior to Vietnamese circumstances. As  result very few errors have become known of South Vietnam. Below is a imperforate block of four trial proof of the 1P stamp that was printed on previously used paper and is printed on both sides. One previous print shows the image of the 1. Anniversary of the UPU Membership while the other side it looks like it is printed on a banknote.



A very small number of Enpreuve de Luxe imperforate sheetlets, also called “Minister Blocks” were produced on light carton paper which had perforated samples of the stamps attached and were handed out or sent to very important people of other countries. These early sheetlets are very rare and seldom come to market. They are not comparable to Enpreuve de Luxe issued later primarily for the benefit of collectors. Here is the Enpreuve de Luxe of the 1.00P value. It is covered by a glued on glassine with a message from the Postal and Telecommunication Ministry.

Rare single franking of the 1P value on a small air mail letter sent from Saigon to France in December of 1952.

Multiple franking of the 1P value (3) paying an overall postage of 3P on a letter sent by the Vietnamese Postal Administration the United States in June of 1955. Official red postal seal on front. These stamps became invalid on December 31st, 1955 so the post office was probably trying to use them up before that date.

Rare mixed franking of the 1P Radio Connection stamp together with the 5P Landscape stamp on a censored letter sent from Saigon to Austria.  Incoming mail to Austria was censored almost until the countries independence in 1955.

Mixed franking of the 1P Radio Communication stamp together with the 2P Landscape value paying an overall postage of 3P on an air mail post card setoff rom Saigon to the United States in December of 1952. The postcard features an ox cart along with its driver. The writer complaints about overcrowding due to refugees and the fact that one can only leave town by plane or in a convoy.

Mixed franking of the 1.50 Nam Phương stamp together with the 10c and 5P Landscape and 1P Radio Union values paying an overall postage of 7.90P on an international air mail letter sent from Saigon to England in May of 1955.

Registration Nr. 200030

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