South Vietnam, Postage Due Stamps 1955, June 6th, 1955, Michel Nr. SVN P7-10; Four stamps in nominals of 2D, 3D, 5D and 10D were issued in perforation 13.5.

Here is the mint set.

These stamps were printed in large sheets that contained two panes of 50 stamps (5 rows of 10 stamps) that were separated by gutter fields. The sheets arrive folded at the post office so folds in the gutter area are normal and do not represent any deficiency. Here is the mint set in gutter pairs.

Complete mint sheet of the 5P value.

Postally used pair of the 5D value.

These stamps were not officially released imperforate, however, a small number of imperforate trial proofs have come to market. Here is the imperforate set in matching sheet corners.

A plate error is known on the 2D value on which the “2” is partially broken. Below are identical pairs.The left is the mint and the right is the postally used version.

Rare Post Card sent from France to Colon in July of 1961. The card was dropped into the mail box without postage. As a result it received what appears to be a black “T” hand stamp indicating that additional postage was due. Two 2P postage due stamps were added for an overall penalty of 4P.

Rare air mail letter sent from France to Saigon in October of 1965. The letter was franked with a red free frank for 30F which was judged insufficient upon arrival and hence a manuscript “T 0.12” remark was made in front. 3P of postage due was collected upon delivery by adding a 3P postage due stamp on the reverse.

Rare multiple franking of the 1.50D Flowers stamp (2) paying an overall postage of 3D on a domestic folded letter sent from Vung Tau to Tay Ninh in December of 1965. The letter was apparently judged short in postage and hence postage due stamps for 4.50P were added upon arrival on the reverse (three 50c and one 3P stamp).

Very rare registered package wrapper from a package that was sent from France to Saigon via air mail . The package that contained royal bee jelly carried a postage of 330F but was judged to be short of the required postage. As a result two postage due stamps (0.50P and 3P) were added in Saigon for an additional postage of 4.50P.

Rare single franking of the 3D Craft stamp on a domestic air mail letter (full contents preserved) that was sent within Saigon in August of 1971.  Note that the day and mont in the Saigon machine cancel was inserted upside down. The letter was judged to be deficient in postage and as a result a 1D and 5P postage due stamp was added on the reverse.

Rare multiple franking of the 5D Year of the Buffalo stamp (2) paying an overall postage of 10D on a domestic letter sent within Gia Dinh in July of 1974. The letter was judged short in postage and hence a black “T” hand stamp was added to the envelope along with a “30” manuscript. Three 10P postage due stamps were added on the reverse paying an overall penalty of 30P.

Registration Nr. 200095

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