Once in a while, one will see a set of cinderellas that are made to look like an official stamp set from North Vietnam on offer. The new country name (Dan-Chu-Cong-Hoa) as well as Buu Chin, which means post office is displayed on them plus a portrait of Ho ChiMinh in front of the Vietnamese flag. “Chu-Tich” means legend, so clearly the set was intended to represent a homage to the famous leader. The set is often offered with the attributes of “un-issued” and “rare” but do not fall for it.  Sometimes the set is accompanied with the lore that the “stamps” were produced for Ho Chi Minh’s delegation so that it could finance its trip and stay at the Geneva Convention in 1954. This, of course, is just a fable. Ho Chi Minh was already head of state since 1946 and official stamps with his portrait had already been issued by postal authorities in Vietnam in that year. So, clearly, if HCM wanted another official set issued for philatelic purposes he could have just ordered his Government to do so. Instead the cinderellas, that come perforated and imperforated, were a private production made to defraud stamp collectors. Needless to say the cinderella’s do not appear in the official Vietnamese Postage Stamp Catalogue 1945-2005.

Registration Nr. 100021

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