Indochina, 3rd Anniversary of the National Revolution, November 3, 1943, Michel Nr. IND 318; A single stamp with a 6C nominal was issued in perforation 11.5-12.

Here is the mint stamp in blocks of four.

Cancelled to order block of four.

Postally used stamp.

Mixed franking of the stamp together with the 4C Domestic Scences II stamp paying an overall postage of 10C on a domestic letter sent from Dau Tieng (small post office) to Saigon. Cancelled with the rare octagonal rural Da Tien cancel on December 1st, 1943. Thu Daumot transit and Saigon machine arrival cancel on the reverse. The letter was collected by Jacques Dessrouseaux, the well known philatelist, as he held the position of “Chef de las Mines” in Indochina at the time. Ex Dessrousseaux.

Registration Nr. 090440

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