Unified Vietnam, Membership in the International Telecommunication Union, September 25th, 1978, Michel Nr. 996-997; Two stamps, both in a 12 xu nominal were issued in perforation 11.0. The stamps were printed together within a sheet.

Here is a mint strip of two rows of 20 stamps overall (note that three stamps were folded over) that shows the sheet arrangement. It also demonstrates that the individual images are cliche copies. In the top row the right side of the “V” in “Vietnam” there is a small marking in dark brown. It can be seen on the first and last displayed stamp.

Detailed scan of the affected area:

These stamps were not officially released im-perforated however a small number of im-perforated trial proofs have come to market. Note the much lighter brown background color on the trial proofs as compared to the finally issued stamps.

There is a re-occuring plate error on the top right stamp of the strip. It shows a damaged “M” in “Vietnam”. Here is the detailed scan:

Another re-occuring plate error is also known. In this case there is a small brown dot inside the flash within the depicted logo. The affected stamp is the most right one.

Detailed scan of the affected area:

Rare single franking of one of the 12xu values on a local air-mail letter sent to Ho Chi Minh City in December of 1978. HCM City machine arrival cancel on the reverse.

Single franking of the 12 xu value on a domestic letter sent to Tay Ninh in November of 1978.

Rare registered express mail letter sent to Klewitz in December of 1978. It features multiple sets of the issue plus a range of other NVN stamps from the period. The overall postage amounted to 5.74 Dong. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Fulda green custom cachet on front.

Mixed franking of one of the 12xu stamps together with four 12xu stamps from the August Revolution set paying an overall postage go 60xu on a letter sent to a Vietnamese contract worker in East Germany in March of 1979.

Registration Nr. 102720

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