Unified Vietnam, Locomotives, February 20th, 1983, Michel Nr. 1291-1297; Seven commemorative stamps with nominals of 30xu, 50xu, 1D, 2D, §D, 5D and 8D were issued in perforation K13 and imperforate.

For this set the Vietnamese Postal Authorities also produced so called de Luxe Sheetlets on shiny white thin cardboard. Here are the sheetlets with the imperforate stamp images imprinted.

Registered letter sent from Nguyen Trai to Klewitz in February of 1984 featuring the entire perforated Locomotives stamp set along with some October revolution stamps. The overall postage amounted to 25.02D (including the red free frank for 3.50D). Green Fulda custom cachet on front.

Very rare air mail letter sent from Quan 5 (HCMC) to Klewitz in June of 1984. The letter features the entire imperforate Locomotive stamp set plus the perforated Aircraft souvenir sheet from 1983. Imperforate stamps and souvenir sheets on postally used cover are very rare.

Postal Authorities also produced an aerogramme with a 3D nominal and in the same design as the 3D Locomotive stamp.

The mint aerogramme is rather easy to find but that is another story for postally used specimen such as the one featured below. It was sent with an additional franking of 30D postage stamps to Klewitz in April of 1984.

Registered air mail letter sent from Ho Chi Minh City to Klewitz in March of 1984. The letter carries four of the perforated Reptile stamps, a pair of the 6xu Socialist Republic stamp with small and large star varieties and Aircraft, Mushroom and Train stamps for an overall postage of 59.62D. Green Fulda custom cachet on front.

Registration Key 103340

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