Unified Vietnam; December 25th, 1982; Defense and Production-Socialist Ideals; Treasure hunters may want to check their holdings of the 1982 Socialist Ideals set of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It took the author a while, but now he can offer proof …

… that the green color blotch on top of the male figure in the 1 Dong stamp is not simply a one time print anomaly caused by a transient object on the printing plate (which would not be listed in a stamp catalogue) but actually a plate error that is repeated on a number of sheets and hence be worthy to be included in a catalogue.

Below is a scan of two pairs. The right stamp of each pair shows the error. Also please note the missing perforation hole(s) in each pair, which is another small error that stems from a broken perforation comb. At this point it is unknown as to where exactly the error occurs on the sheet and if it only occurs on a partial printing. Feel free to contact the author if you have any evidence as to these open questions.


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