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For War Invalids 1959

Registration No. 100201

North Vietnam, For War Invalids, March 13th, 1959 (brown stamp) and July 7th, 1960 (green stamp), Michel Nr. 2-3; Both stamps were issued in sheets of 100 and…

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Sluice at Cong Xuan-Quan

Registration No. 100220

North Vietnam, Sluice at Cong Xuan-Quan, May 1st, 1959, Michel Nr. 98-99; The completion of the lock at Cong Xuan-Quan was celebrated by issuing two commemorative values in…

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People Sports

Registration No. 100260

North Vietnam, People Sports, September 2nd, 1959, Michel Nr. 105-107; A commemorative set featuring three nominals with 1 Xu, 3 xu and 12 xu was issued to please…

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