South Vietnam, Postage Due Stamps 1974, October 1st, 1974, Michel Nr. SVN P21-24; The rapid change in postage rates also precipitated the need to overprint the 1968 postage due stamps. Nominals of 5D (on 3D), 10D (on 0.50D), 40D (on 1 D) and 60D (on 2 D) were overprinted in red.

Here is the mint set.

Mint half sheet of the 5D value.

Postally used block of four of the 10D stamp.

Saigon fell to the Viet long on April 30th, 1975. This means that these stamps could only be used about seen months. The editor so far has only seen two letters that carry these stamps postal used. The one below is a letter that was sent from Hong Kong to Saigon in September of 1974 and that was judged to be underpaid. On arrival the set of postage due stamps in an amount of 115D was added to envelope in front in order to collect the postage due. Very rare. The other letter known to exist is in the possession of a senior SICP member.

Registration Nr. 201445

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