South Vietnam, Asian Productivity Year, October 3rd, 1970, Michel Nr. SVN 457; A single stamp with a nominal of 10D was issued in perforation 13.5.

Here is the mint stamp.

and here the postally used stamp.

Entrevue de Luxe; printed on thin cardboard paper.

Mixed franking of the Reconstruction after the Destruction of the TET Offensive set plus a pair of Asian Productivity Year stamp paying an overall postage of 68D on a rare international registered express air mail letter sent from Con Son to West Germany in February of 1971. Saigon machine transit and Frankfurt arrival cancel on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the 10D Aviation stamps (4) together with the Asian Productivity stamp paying an overall postage of 50D on an international air mail letter sent by a member of the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong using a San Francisco military sending address to Hong Kong and mailed in May of 1972.

Registration Nr. 201000

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